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Unhealthy Diets

In their fight with extra pounds, many women go to extremes. Rather than rely on exercise or eat with moderation, they look for miraculous solutions such as dietary supplements or drastic diets. They all want to lose a lot of weight all of a sudden. What they don't know is that these diets work on short term and on long term they could seriously affect their body.

Women try out all diets without taking into consideration the fact that there is a limit and that drastic changes can lead to very serious troubles. There are diets that deprive your body with vital nutrients and can be unhealthy and dangerous.

Cabbage soup diet

This diet is based on a constant consumption of cabbage soup and it uses semi-starvation methods to promote weight loss. Nutritionists disagree with this diet, because it is based on a consumption of a very small number of calories, and there is a high risk of malnutrition. Even on the official site of the diet people are warned that this diet must be kept not more than seven days. It can be resumed, but only after two weeks of normal eating and should not contain only cabbage soup.
On the site it is also said that when keeping the diet you may feel dizzy, body weakness or lack of concentration.

Grapefruit diet

It is based on the same mechanism as the cabbage soup diet. Both diets lead to weight loss that deprives body from calories, and in the same time they deprive it from every nutrients necessary in everyday life.
The grapefruit diet, also known as the Hollywood diet must be kept 12 days and it contains many food restrictions. It involves eating half a grapefruit or drinking grapefruit juice with each meal and significantly reducing caloric intake, often to below 800 calories per day.The main danger of this diet is that the small number of calories and caffeine consumption, which is allowed in this diet, can lead to dehydration.
This diet is also dangerous because it lacks foods that contain calcium and iron.

Apple cider vinegar diet

Apple cider vinegar was originally used to heal soldiers of scurvy (a disease caused by the lack of Vitamin C). Nowadays, it is used to cut appetite. During the diet you must take a recommended dose of about 45 milliliters, and there is a risk that this drink cause stomach acidity.
The diet also implies moderation when eating, and exercise is imperative. And maybe is not the apple cider vinegar that helps lose weight, but the fact that you don't feel like eating so much and you exercise a lot.

Atkins and Zone diets can also be harmful for your body, as they are nutritionally unbalanced. The most important risk associated with them is that they can lead to a high cholesterol. Numerous health organizations and medical professionals have sharply criticized the Atkins diet.
The purpose of this diet is to change your metabolism and lose weight easily by eating foods high in protein and limiting foods high in carbohydrates, which tend to raise blood sugar levels the most. What's more concerning is that in time the Atkins diet can give rise to other health risks, as well. Restricting carbohydrates leads to a lack of fiber, which can cause constipation and other gastrointestinal difficulties.

Effects of an unhealthy diet

Effects of an unhealthy diet
  • First of all, diets can lead to depression and anxiety, that may occur because you are depriving yourself of things you used to enjoy.

  • Diets demanding to leave out dairy products are lacking in important nutrients like calcium, iron or vitamin B 12.

  • After a diet you can become obsessed with food.

  • When you are on diet you drastically reduce the calorie intake. This is not good since too little food means fatigue, low energy and it can even stall weight loss.

  • Unhealthy diets may become a major risk for many chronic diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure, cardiovascular diseases, and even cancer.

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