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South Beach Diet

The main aim of low fat diets is to grant us with a worth-admiring silhouette as well as a healthy organism. The South Beach diet recruited millions of fans among celebrities as well as average people who are eager to revolutionize their nutrition and boost their metabolism. Besides the healthy benefits is can also offer us the chance to polish our appearance. Eliminating the craves and munching crises this eating plan will teach us how to organize our meals and still tame our hunger with delicious ingredients. Though it might require patience and ambition, learn how to change your life in a few steps and do a great favor to your metabolism as well as appearance.

South Beach Diet Guide

The South Beach diet was initiated and designed as the quintessential low-fat meal plan that wold reduce our cholesterol level and would be also able to spare us from heart and other type of diseases. The mastermind behind the nutritive program is Arthur Agastston and also Marie Almon, two professional nutritionists who also contribute to the composition of other famous eating plans. One of the main aims of the diet was to rule out the chance of any affections that might affect our heart. In the later years however it was turned into a nutritional program that was adopted by acclaimed trainers, celebrities and also average people. In a simplified version the designers of the diet mention the difference between the bad carbs and fats that should be eliminated and the good ones that would be efficiently included in the meals through the healthiest ingredients. The various phases would split our life into three health states, as the first two stages are completed in a specific time whereas the third one will stretch throughout the years and will join us till the end of our life. These phases of the South Beach Diet follow the pattern described below:

Phase 1

  • The two weeks phase is the most essential and at the same time difficult stage of the diet as this will teach us how to combat our food cravings. In this period we will be able to balance out the blood sugar which would eliminate all the triggering factors that make us crazy for sugar.

  • Besides the removal of the bad carbohydrates as well as toxins from the organism we'll also lose precious pounds. In this paramount stage you'll have to leave out of your meals the: alcohol, sugar, pasta, rice, fruit, bread, potatoes as well as baked sweets.Indeed it might be a real challenge to refuse to eat what we did all throughout our life.

  • The changes that take place in our organism will boost the metabolism and have the ability to control the various craves that encourages us to store the unhealthy fat in our body.The most important food that should feature on your menu list are lean proteins as seafood as well as fish, poultry and also beef. Moreover you can also appeal to legumes and vegetables as beans and other high-fiber vegetables.

  • When it comes of dairy products you have the chance to consume some of these however all of them must be low-fat ones in order to eliminate the bad fats from our organism. Those who would like to pamper themselves with dessert have the opportunity to increase the nut intake as well as the consumption of lemon mousse and last but not least ricotta.

  • Phase 2

  • Following the elimination process you'll step to the next level of the diet. This way you'll be able to embed the healthy ingredients into your meals without putting on the weight you lost in the 2 weeks. Therefore start including the pasta, rice, bread and cereals into your nutrition plan.

  • Make sure you consume only a moderate amount of these in order to keep your dream weight and get your organism back on track. The second phase in fact means the actual weight loss and this can last until you are completely satisfied with the measure of slimming. The universal quality of the South Beach diet is given by this aspect that you're free to go on with the second phase until you wish to.

  • In this stage professionals advise you to add some additional ingredients to the healthy meals you consumed in the first phase. Therefore make sure you continue the consumption of fruits and vegetables as well as brown rice and peas. These further enriched by a delicious snack as dark chocolate will fulfill your munching craves which are actually gone. Moreover this phase helps you control your sugar level and lose weight visibly.

  • Phase 3

  • The longest and most challenging phase is the one that lasts all throughout our life. The 3 stage aims to help us revolutionize our nutrition as well as lifestyle. Those who managed to reach this phase will have the chance to adopt a healthy eating program with all the necessary ingredients that help us lose weight and also too keep the desired silhouette.Throughout the years you'll have free hand at savoring delicious meals as various vegetable and fruit soups, beef stew as well as pancakes and healthy salads.

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