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Lemonade Diet

Detox diets conquered the world with their quick and visible results. The lemonade diet is the one that leads the top of fat flush diets and stimulates people to get rid of both toxins as well as stubborn pounds. Beyond any doubt the crowds of practitioners managed to popularize the diet to an extent that it immediately recruited millions of fans both among average people as well as celebrities. The Master Cleanser as it is also known presupposes a nutritional plan that is based mainly on the consumption of an industrial amount of lemonade. The basic principles follow that of a common detox diet with well-define principles and strict rules that guarantee the smashing result.

The detox diet known as Lemonade cleanse or Master Cleanse promises the complete and radical elimination of all the damaging factors and substances that might launch severe reactions in our organism. The creators targeted the public which craves for an eye-popping and quick effect. Those who prepare for a special event or feel embarrassed by their weight are among the most ambitious devotees of the detox plan. The cleanse presupposes the consumption of juices, rather than solid food. In fact fruits and vegetables are the main pillars of the project and especially their delicious and nourishing juice. One of its best asset is undeniably the short term it requires to complete the major phases, Some would follow it only for ten days others would expand the time to 20 days. Depending on the measure of the weight loss as well as our perseverance it is highly recommended to engage into a similar project if we feel strong and healthy enough to achieve our goals.

History Of Lemonade Diet

Stanley Burroughs a Naturopath was the mastermind behind the Lemonade diet. Appearing in the 1940s it served primarily as a radical treatment to eliminate the main toxins that gradually weaken our organism. Being the direct result of an inappropriate nutritional plan as well as lack of physical activities and damaging additions to drugs, tobacco as well as alcohol, these harmful agents would be dissolved and flushed out from the main affected organs as well as glands. Also known as the Master Cleanse diet it spread all over the world, strengthening its position among the top detox diets. Later on it was used as one of the most efficient and quick means to lose extra-pounds. It also promises an immediate energy boost due to the cleansing of the organism from the burden of toxins.

Main Ingredients of Lemonade Diet

Our organism tends to pile up a multitude of various harmful substances from unhealthy food and drinks as well as other damaging ingredients. Indeed, those who wish to put an end to the digestive disorders along with the weakening of immune system, should find the main ingredients of Lemonade diet more than thrilling. These elements contain both anti-oxidants that would boost the metabolism as well as vitamins and supplements that help us complete the 10 days of juice-cure. These are some of the basic elements of the detox diet plan that should make up the core of our nutrition.

  • Lemon Juice: As one of the top notch members of the healthy drinks repertoire, lemon juice has infinite benefits for the organism. From detoxification to nourishment and nutrition all are some of the best assets of the natural ingredients. Moreover these can also spare the liver and kidney from the harmful attacks. The name of the diet suggests the importance of this special juice.

  • Red Cayenne Pepper: Use 2 tbs of this delicious and miraculous spice in order to cleanse the lungs as well as circulatory system and digestive organs from the piled up toxins. Though the taste might be strong, the effect will be more smashing. Moreover it can be also used in the case of treating other disorders. Alternative medicine uses it as the main catalyst for the effect of other herbs and plants. Pour the indicated amount pepper into the lemonade for a dazzling result both on your weight loss as well as detox project.

  • Pure Grade B Maple Syrup: This additional element is used in order to balance the nutrient and mineral content of the lemonade. In spite of its sugar content it can still help us achieve our goal of losing weight. Some of the most important vitamins found in this ingredient are: copper, magnesium, iron, calcium, potassium and also Vitamin C,B1,B6 and last but not least A. These all guarantee the healthy composition of the juice.

  • Purified Water: As the base of the whole juice it is essential to add 12 ounces of this ingredient to secure the proper amount of lemonade for the diet. Prepare a fresh portion each day depending on your consumption, however it is highly recommended to make it at least 6 glasses. Increase the amount if you are struggling with food cravings.

  • Benefits of Lemonade Diet

    There are several benefits of the Lemonade diet that can be grouped according to our goal. Whether we long to engage into following it due to its weight loss effect or other health reasons will determine the main advantages. However some of the main assets enlisted below will more than probably convince those who are eager to experiment with one of the prototypes of detox diets.

  • It eliminates the toxins from the main organs that store these harmful elements for the sake of the proper functioning of the organism. Kidneys, liver as well as the lungs are some of the most affected sections that will benefit of the miraculous effect of the diet plan.

  • The glands are also among the threatened organs, by the consumption of lemonade juice these will be flushed from the damaging substances that can deteriorate their health. This will allow the healthy cell reproduction as well as the elimination of toxins through sweat and body moisture.

  • Due to increased hydration the body will witness a reviving process. This will have visible results both on the skin, hair and even nails. Moreover those who are keen to experiment with the Lemonade diet will also lower the chances for aging and other disorders that occur due to dehydration and toxin accumulation.

  • Side Effects of Lemonade Diet

    Though professionals praise the effect of the Lemonade diet it must be also mentioned that in some cases it can have various side effects that can generate discomfort and other unpleasant consequences. Learn more about the following drawbacks of the Mater Cleanse diet as well as the methods on how to avoid them.

  • Tiredness is one of the main signs that can join the detox diet. However it is a common phenomenon encountered during eating plans that limit the consumption of solid food. Hunger might produce fatigue, instead of coping with this situation in a passive way, do some relaxing exercises as Yoga.

  • Sores might also appear inside the mouth due to the acidity of citric fruits. These might also aggravating causing serious pain affecting the teeth and the gums. The only remedy to treat this problem is to use a straw when drinking the lemonade. This will prevent the abundant liquid in the mouth and the discomfort. More, you can also rinse the mouth cavity with lukewarm water after drinking the indicated glasses of juice.

  • Aches of various types might also appear due to the deprivation of the organism of solid food. Indeed some might endure it with ambitions. However those who would like to banish them should use exercises and stretching as well as spa therapies as the proper remedies

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