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Foods that Cause Cellulite

Cellulite is one common issue that most women need to deal with. It is unaesthetic and sometimes makes us feel embarrassed. However, with a healthy diet and some exercising, you can win the battle against this unwanted “enemy”. If you want to know which foods encourage cellulite, take a sneak peek at this list, and next time try to avoid them.

If you are decided to start a battle against the orange peel look, you must follow an anti-cellulite diet. This is not a special, restrictive diet, rather than certain foods that combined with exercising can help you prevent and treat cellulite.

You should know that an unhealthy diet rich in calories "helps" you to put on weight and makes cellulite more visible. There is one important thing that every woman who wants to fight cellulite should keep in mind, and that is the relation between sodium and cellulite. An excess of sodium encourages water and any liquid retention that certainly doesn’t help your figure. Therefore, the best thing to do is to choose a diet low in sodium and drink at least 1,5 l water daily in order to eliminate toxins.

  • Salt. As we have seen, water retention caused by sodium is one of the main reasons of cellulite spread. Sodium is actually the salt we use everyday and which should be avoided as it supports the accumulation of toxins into our body, and making thus cellulite more visible. Therefore, salt and spices are the first things you need to give up to. Foods that contain too much salt: salty biscuits, peanuts, pistachio, potato chips, French fries, salty fish, spicy sauces, feta cheese, and many more.

  • Refined foods. Refined foods such as sugar and dairy products cause the accumulation of a great amount of toxins that contribute a lot to the development of cellulite. If you want to eliminate cellulite completely you should avoid sweets such as sugar, only in coffee, sodas and other juices bought from supermarkets, cookies, or croissants and sugary breakfast cereals. In case you cannot eliminate them completely from your diet, eat maximum one piece of cake weekly.

  • Fats. When wanting to get rid of cellulite, the best thing to do is to give up to any type of fat starting from dairy products to butter and meat. Avoid red meat, pork and any other meat that contains too many toxins and makes digestion heavier. Salami and sausages, smoked-dried meat and ham should also be removed from your diet at least for a certain period of time. Avoid nuts, peanuts, pistachio, sour cream, whip cream, mayonnaise, margarine and butter.

  • Refined carbohydrates. Refined carbohydrates mean foods that have been processed in order to give them a finer texture and prolong their shelf life. In the same time, important and essential nutrients for our body have been removed, such as the vitamin B complex, iron and fiber. If we could replace white pasta, rice, and bread with their whole version it will not only be healthier, but also very helpful in our fight against cellulite.

  • Drinks. First on the list is alcohol as it produces a malfunction of liver and kidneys that impedes the correct elimination of toxins. Alcohol is considered as one of the main causes of cellulite as it attacks the digestive, the nervous and the kidney system, all three representing important defenses of our body. Also, the abuse of coffee causes an overproduction of adrenaline in the adrenal glands, also known as suprarenal glands, that overburdens the activity of the kidneys and impedes them to filter blood normally.

    Stay away from soft drinks and beverages that contain sugar. Soft drinks can encourage weight gain if consumed regularly. Therefore, drink water as it's calorie free and helps you get rid of toxins from your body, which will break down the fats much more easily.

  • Fried and junk foods. Try to avoid fried and roasted foods and use small quantities of oil. In order to cook healthier, go for wok. It is already known the fact that junk food is more than unhealthy. Besides its negative effects upon our health, it is one of the most important allies when it comes to the development of cellulite. If you want to get rid of the orange peel look, you should avoid junk food at all costs. Junk food is not only rich in calories and unnecessary fats and additives for the body, but it also lacks all essential nutrients for our health.

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