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Diet Tips From The Stars

It is often hard to find the best solution for quick weight loss. These diet tips from the stars however will provide you with the best tricks on how to fight the munching monster and cut back on calories. See which of these methods suit your lifestyle and health condition.

Celebrities often experiment with loads of diet tricks to lose a few pounds. Those who would like to follow their footsteps can also copycat these rituals and embed them into their daily schedule. Adopting a well-balanced nutrition plan is the first step towards having the a silhouette you were dreaming of. In spite of the multitude of exercise sessions it is also important to devote speical attention to our nutritive habits. In order to make sure you're on the right track to achieve a flawless health condition and worth-of-admiration figure, check out the diet tips from stars presented below. Use these methods to consume the healthiest meals and maintain your ideal weight.


  • According to the reports the R'n'B diva eats tons of green vegetables that would help her maintain the ideal weight. In order to be able to keep her spotless silhouette she also gave up eating red meat and bread.

  • Moreover she also decided to skip any drinks that contain alcohol as well as tons of calories. Her diet tips seem to work magic as she succeeded in inspiring millions with her feminine and fab look.

  • Mila Jovovich

  • The super-model and actress, Mila Jovovich reveals her diet secret. It seems that the only solution to get rid of the pounds she put on during her pregnancy was dropping cakes and pizza. The celeb also claims that in spite of these harsh restrictions she was forced to complete the diet with numerous exercise sessions.

  • Anne Hathaway

  • The uber-successful actress has a top tip for those who wish to lose weight with a healthy ritual. She highly recommends the consumption of egg white and steamed vegetables for breakfast. This way she gets the necessary calories and energy to keep her dynamic all throughout the day. Anne Hathaway managed to come up with this magical solution after a series of experiments with different celebrity diets.

  • Kate Winslet

  • Kate tries to keep things more natural and get rid of additives. She decided to quit drinking alcohol and consume bread and processed food. Instead she limits herself to green ingredients. Additionally she highly recommends exercising on the treadmill as it would definitely do magic with our silhouette.

  • Mariah Carey

  • The mom-to-be music diva claims that bleak diets are the real stuff if we wish to lose weight quickly. Mariah consumes a great amount of soup and fish prepared extremely blandly in order to ease the digestion process for the stomach. Those who are fond of soups will have the chance to embed them into their daily meals. Steal the diet trick of the songbird if you're ready to revolutionize your eating habits.

  • Jennifer Connelly

  • She swears on the magical effect of apples. It is indeed no secret that this fruit has a beneficial effect on our digestion. Jennifer consumes up to 3 apples per day in order to maintain her super-slender silhouette.

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